Parish Councils form the first level of local government and they consist of local councillors who volunteer their time to serve their local community. Your Parish Council comprises of ten Councillors who serve a four-year term.

The Parish Council usually meets around 9 times a year on a Tuesday evening; with an Annual Parish Meeting, at which the Chairman is elected, being held in May. Meetings are held at Burton Community Centre, Sandy Plot.

The dates of any upcoming meetings are shown on the Agendas and Minutes page. Agendas are also posted on the noticeboards and on the website at least three days before each meeting. Parish Council Noticeboards are located on Salisbury Road, Burton Village Green, the junction of Campbell Road, the cut Fishermans Haunt, Winkton, and Burton Community Centre, Sandy Plot.

Burton & Winkton Parish Council welcomes your input and all residents are invited and very welcome to attend the meetings. If you have any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What does Burton & Winkton Parish Council do?

The Council represents the community in matters affecting the parish.

This includes:
  • Liaising with BCP on various matters eg highways, footpaths, transport
  • Commenting on planning applications
  • Responding to consultations
The Council maintains and improves parish owned/managed property.

This includes:
  • Managing Burton Community Centre and Martins Hill Recreation Ground
  • Looking after memorial benches, bus shelters, Burton Village Green and the Parish Council notice boards
  • Identifying and carrying out enhancement projects
  • Contracting the grass cutting on Burton Village Green, Martins Hill Recreation Ground and Burton Community Centre

The Parish Council also supports local community groups and events.  If you have any comments or ideas, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What does the Council not do?

Parish Council powers are limited and many of the issues that affect the parish do not come under our remit, however, if you come to us with any matter that is not our direct responsibility we will still do our best to help and point you in the direction of the appropriate local authority team or agency.

The Council does not:


Burton & Winkton Parish Council works hard to protect, maintain and improve the parish for the benefits of all the residents.  If you have any comments or ideas, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

How do I raise an issue with the Parish Council?

Councillors are always around the village and are happy to listen to anyone who wishes to raise a point.  Formal contact can be made via contacting the Clerk.