Neighbourhood Plan

map of areaAbout Neighbourhood Planning

The Localism Act 2011 gave people the democratic right to be involved in drawing up a plan for their local area.

Production of a Neighbourhood Development Plan (Neighbourhood Plan) is a way of helping local communities to influence what is built in the area.  It is an important document that planners refer to before deciding on planning applications.

When it is written, the Neighbourhood Plan can:
  • Develop a shared vision for our neighbourhood plan area
  • Influence decisions on the way that land is used for housing, businesses, shops and leisure
  • Protect green spaces from development
  • Influence the design of new buildings, through design guidance and site specific policies

Burton & Winkton Neighbourhood Plan

If you live, work in or visit the villages that make up Burton & Winkton Parish, you may be interested in how the villages may change in the future.  A Neighbourhood Plan, written by local people, can influence the plans and decisions made about those changes.  We want everyone who is interested, to get involved, so that our plan genuinely reflects the planning matters that local people say are the most important.  If at any stage you would like to take part please contact the Clerk / tel: 01202 470457

Our First Survey

A Neighbourhood Plan can cover lots of issues, or focus on just one or two key issues.  The more it covers, the more time it may take to prepare.

The first step is to find out what is most important to our residents, businesses and visitors and then we need to work out what should included in our plan.

In addition to the on-line questionnaire a hard copy was delivered to all households in July 2019 for completion by residents over the age of 18 by 31st August 2019. The results of the 800 returned surveys have been analysed by the Neighbourhood Planning Group.  This document will be available here as soon as it is supplied to the parish council.

As we prepare the Neighbourhood Plan, we will identify existing documents or create our own reports to provide an evidence base for our Plan.

 2019 Household Survey Results

National Planning Policy and Guidance

All Neighbourhood Plans are required to have regard to national planning policies and guidance – the key documents and links are listed below:

Key Stages of a Neighbourhood Plan

  • Decide to prepare a Plan – decision taken at Full Council September 2018, and working group established – completed
  • Set the area – agree the Neighbourhood Plan area (the parish of Burton & Winkton) 
  • Determine the scope – what topics or issues the plan should cover
  • Develop the plan – how will we achieve the vision for the area?  Gather evidence to support the plan’s strategy and policies
  • Consult – get feedback on the Plan, with changes then made in response, as necessary
  • Submit – send the Plan (as amended) and supporting documents to the Local Planning Authority (BCP) who will agree the appointment of an Independent Examiner
  • Examination – this will include further consultation, and the Examiner may require a Hearing (although most plans do not require a Hearing)
  • Referendum – if the Plan is found to meet the basic conditions (with modifications if necessary) then it goes to a local referendum.  This is to check it has community support.
  • Adopt – BCP will ‘make’ the plan, when it becomes part of the Local Plan for the area.
The parish council will include more details on timescales and next steps as the information is provided.